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Eco-Friendly Design

designed to last

In Nikolo's mind, the world is constantly changing. To make this planet a better place, he re-thinks every step of his design process while creating his fashion. 


Produce less & buy less

His eponymous brand has taken a break from designing in order to seek a better and ecologically and organically grown purpose. 

Below are some of the steps Nikolo has already taken to ensure sustainability. 


Locally sourced & organic

Most of the materials used in collections are produced in the UK and are locally sourced. Our involvement in the local community contributes to the growth of local businesses.


Reusable & recycle & upcycle

Some of the materials used in the collections are saved by purchasing them as secondary - this means that material was categorized already as a waste/remnant (for example leather) from the production. Please note that this does not effect the quality of the product or material. 

For our retail part we use reusable organic cotton carrier bags and our gift paper bags are made from the recycled materials which we kindly ask you to re-use and recycle. 


The Future is today

As one of the brands and designers of a young generation, Nikolo understands his responsibilities to the planet, therefore sustainability came to be a core part of the brand's identity and as a promise to the planet. 

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