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 "Nikolo's designs are progressive and in line with the tide of technological, scientific and social advancement. His label is forever challenging tradition and thereby reflecting the progress we experience in our daily life.  (Brighton Fashion week 2009)

Nikolo Bertok is an internationally recognized fashion designer based in London, who graduated from Middlesex University. He established his eponymous brand in 2010 during London Fashion Week, when he showcased his innovative collection "The Perception".

Earlier works and a debut show in 2005 took place in the electro-urban underground Soniclub, where he displayed his first 30 pieces collection "GetAway", influenced by 90's subculture. This was followed in 2008 by a dramatic collection called "Butterflies" shown in New York, London and Brighton Fashion Week.

His 2011 'Identity' collection made a significant contribution to his signature style, and Nikolo spent his last years working on bespoke garments in his Atelier. His passion for tailoring and sustainable fashion culminated in another exciting collection, "MacroCosmica-Heaven", in 2014 and 'Dancing in the Waters' in 2017. 

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